Super Mario 3D Land – review roundup

The review embargo on the highly anticipated 3DS title Super Mario 3D Land is up – and critics have rightfully swooned about Nintendo’s latest epic.

Super Mario 3D Land represents the first 3DS title to fully make use of the system’s capabilities,” IGN concluded in its glowing 9.5/10 review. With an expertly balanced difficulty progression, dazzling level design and masterful Power-Ups, this is the ideal 3DS experience.

As an experience, Super Mario 3D Land gets deeper the longer you play, as you sink into its particular groove and learn to appreciate it as a unique title – one that is separate from yet beautifully derivative of the entire Mario franchise. As a whole, 3D Land is brilliant and addictive, and should do for 3D-enhanced platforming what the original Super Mario Bros. did for 2D platforming. If you own a 3DS system, you have no choice – you simply must own this game.”

Eurogamer‘s excellent review scored the game at 9/10, saying: You could wish for 3D Land to be a little more challenging in places, then, but you couldn’t wish for it to be any denser, any more imaginative, or any more daring. Most importantly, you couldn’t wish for it to be any more playful.”

Videogamer also awarded 9/10, adding: It is, then, a step back and a leap forward. As a gateway drug for those reluctant to embrace Mario in three dimensions, Super Mario 3D Land should be a huge success. And if Nintendo does manage to convince that audience, that’s something for us all to be excited about. After all, next time, he won’t have to wait around for anyone to catch up.”

8/10 was the rating of GameSpot, which stated: Despite the fact [that some] features lack the imagination seen in the game’s level design, Super Mario 3D Land is still a delight. With well-realized stages and responsive controls, it’s an easy recommendation for all action-loving 3DS owners.”

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