Super Punk Games receives interim game relief certificate for The Last Leviathan

Nottingham-based indie developer Super Punk Games has received the interim certificate for game relief from HMRC for its work on The Last Leviathan, the studio announced today.

The physics-based ship building and destruction title launched on Steam’s Early Access program in June last year, and has remained in the top five per cent of best-selling Early Access titles ever since.

Super Punk Games also announced it’s working on two major updates to the game, the first of which will arrive later this year bringing monsters to the game, while the second will launch in early 2018 and add new multiplayer modes.

Rik Alexander, Super Punk’s CEO, commented: It’s great to get some support from the UK for games, this certificate will help us continue to develop this title beyond our original scope. This game is the first step for us in a long-term plan, we’ve focused on providing gamers with the tools to create their own content alongside ours.

"We think there are few development teams that can rival the sheer amount of content that 1,000s of players crafting can provide, and the emergent behaviour of the physics involved means we get some truly unique creations in our ecosystem.

"Our next update capitalizes on this mechanic by allowing players to craft their own Monsters and levels, and our final big update next year will combine all this together into what we think will be a stand-out multiplayer mode."

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