Super Star Wars for Xbox 360?

Fans of the IP have long lamented the lack of many truly great games based on the Star Wars franchise, so any suggestion of the classic Super Star Wars trilogy making a return is bound to create a tremor in the Force.

Beginning with JVC’s 1992 release Super Star Wars on the SNES and continuing with THQ’s Super Empire Strikes Back (1993) and Super Return of the Jedi (1994), the games offered a side-on 2D platforming take on the iconic movies.

There are certainly some ideas we’ve kicked around [with the original trilogy] and we’re always trying to capture the spirit of some of those big moments from the films,” LucasArts’ executive producer Haden Blackman told CVG.

We’re also interested – and this is something that comes from George Lucas – in taking Star Wars in new directions, not just always going back and rehashing what has been done before.

But at the same time I would love to see a Super Star Wars on the Xbox 360, so I think anything is possible.”

All three games were released on the Virtual Console last year.

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