SuperData: Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality headsets will outsell Oculus two-to-one in Q4

Yesterday, IHS Markit told MCV it expects Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality headsets will have a "slow start" when they launch later this month, but SuperData’s VP of research and strategy Stephanie Llamas predicts it will actually outsell both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive this quarter. 

"Microsoft has a great shot at being a prime competitor to the Oculus and Vive," Llamas told MCV. "They have brand recognition and marketing on their side, along with a range of price tags to suit different consumer budgets ($400-$500).

"They also are functional (albeit not fully) on PC with lower-end specs than what’s required for their competitors. Plus, they have impressive IP behind them, including Halo, and will work with SteamVR, so content won’t be lacking. Because of this, we expect the Holographic headsets to outsell Oculus two-to-one and ship 10 per cent -15 per cent more than Vive this Q4."

That said, Llamas still has concerns about the platform, echoing IHS Markit’s analysis that consumers might not actually know the difference between the terms ‘virtual’ and ‘mixed reality’ – especially as most of the headsets going on sale on October 17th only offer virtual reality experiences at the moment. 

"However, there may be confusion around the names Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality," she continued. "These headsets offer Virtual Reality experiences – not what the industry would consider Mixed Reality (e.g., the Hololens).

"So consumers may actually expect something different or more advanced from Rift and Vive, which will cause confusion and disappointment – a major marketing issue that could fracture consumer expectations for the entire industry as a result."

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