Superhot VR is an Oculus exclusive for now

The VR version of time-bending shooter Superhot will be an Oculus Rift exclusive, at least for the time being.

The game will use the yet-to-be-released Oculus Touch controllers. It has also been confirmed that simply moving will cause time to move forward, so players will be required to stand still while they plan their next move.

We’re now working super close with the guys at Oculus to release Superhot VR later this year. We’re really trying to capitalize on all of the new design possibilities that Virtual Reality is giving us,” the developer’s PR spokesperson Szymon Krukowski said.

The level of game immersion that you get from playing Superhot in VR is simply crazy. We try to add as much as we can to that from us. Recently, we played around with holophonics type of sounds in Superhot. Thanks to that you will be able to for example ‘locate’ a passing bullet just by the noise it creates.”

The reaction to the exclusivity has been far from positive, with a steady stream of Redditors bemoaning the decision to limit the game to one platform. Among the verbal abuse are assorted threats of wishlist removal, piracy and general ill-will.

One person even describes the decision as the worst f*** up ever, of all time”. Which seems a little extreme, but still.

Essentially a vocal part of the VR community are currently very hostile toward Oculus for its attempts to protect its product, which have been interpreted as an effort to fracture the VR market and abandon the perceived open principles of the PC platform.

Partnering with Oculus, it seems, is regarded as selling out” and not in the wider interests of VR development.

Away from VR, Superhot will also be receiving post-release that will be free for current owners. Included will be new levels and mechanics, all of which will be detailed at a later stage.

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