Superman could yet survive Brash closure

Acclaimed developer Factor 5 has stated, in a roundabout way, that it still hopes that a new publisher can be found for its Superman title following

the closure of former partner Brash


Though the studio has never openly admitted its work on a new Superman outing, comments from Factor 5 president Julian Eggebrecht to MTV Multiplayer are the closest thing the industry has had to an admission.

We are working on several projects, both multi-platform as well as single-platform titles for the Wii which you will hear a lot more about very soon,” he stated.

One of our large-scale multi-platform projects was started with Brash because it is a dream property for us, hasn’t been given its dues in gaming since the Atari 2600, and has a huge universe to draw from. It also is a long-term project because we were not wiling to compromise quality at all from the start and make this into what we as fans, and hopefully every fan of the property – movies old or new, comic-book, or TV – wants to play.

If we have delivered the ultimate fantasy fulfilment in a galaxy far, far away, this one certainly is intended to do the same for a completely different universe. With that said, things are obviously in flux and we hope that the game proves to be as indestructible as our hero.”

Factor 5 has previously enjoyed great success with its Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series, though it did suffer a little flack for its PS3 debut Lair.

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