SuperSike’s Yet Another Bird Game possibly cloned

Another Indian studio has found itself in the midst of cloning accusations, only this time, it’s Delhi-based SuperSike Games’ Yet Another Bird Game that appears to have been cloned.

Vinyl Games Studio’s upcoming title Circuit Panic bears a striking resemblance to Yet Another Bird Game, featuring an identical core design involving birds on electrical wires.

When asked how they reacted to first hearing about Circuit Panic, SuperSike Games’ Amit Goyal said, ‘Wait, what?’ That was the exact response. We were surprised because we did not see it coming and we were amused because of the recent stories concerning Circulets and HUEBRIX. Indian developers are generally on the short end of the stick.”

Circuit Panic isn’t out yet so it’s difficult to judge without actually playing it, and it does add a few variations to its pick-ups and score multipliers, but the basic premise seems too similar to YABG’s to simply pass off as a coincidence.

When contacted by SuperSike, Vinyl Games’ Wei Zhang replied:

Being a small studio ourself, we can understand your concern. Until last Tuesday (June 25), none of us here at Vinyl Games had heard of YABG. We downloaded it as soon as we heard that YABG existed.”

Left: Yet Another Bird Game; Right: Circuit Panic

After playing your game, it became very apparent that our games are vastly different. Since there are many many indie developers in the world, it is inevitable that some games will bear a slight resemblance to others, no matter how small.”

We do hope you will give our game a try once it is released on June 30th to see for yourself how unique Circuit Panic is.”

So, is SuperSike looking to take any action? The first question would be what action can be taken. We will definitely look into it, but we’d only take a call on the next step once we have played the game,” says Goyal.

We asked Goyal if having their game cloned was flattering or upsetting.

A little bit of both. If they did clone our game, then yes, it does seem a little flattering. However, as a practice, we always make an effort to create something new that has not been done by others yet. So it is sad to see other developers resort to cloning concepts rather than using their talents to come up with something of their own,” he said.

All this, of course, is if they have cloned our game. We ll find out in the days to come.”

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