Supplier hints at Project Cafe camera

Californian tech firm OmniVision has confirmed that it has won a lucrative contract for work on an upcoming games console.

Though no such confirmation is given, the conclusion that nearly everyone has jumped to is that the company will be supplying camera devices for Nintendo’s Project Cafe, which will be revealed in E3 next Tuesday.

It’s not the first time that talk of a camera on Nintendo’s new device.

Last month Develop reported that "the controller for Nintendo’s new home console includes a front-facing camera system".

"An insider said the Wii 2 pad features a front-facing camera that can be used for in-game images," the source added. "The person also corroborated a number of well-referenced rumours, such as the controller features a six-inch touch-screen, ‘possibly with a stylus’ as well as a standard button layout."

OmniVision is one of the suppliers who produces micro-cameras for Apple iPhones.

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