Survey points to low Natal/Move interest

The new motion control revolution may have a tougher time breaking into the market than the industry had hoped, according to a new report.

With the current generation of home console seemingly here to stay for quite some time yet, the launch of Natal and Move this Q4 is being treated by Microsoft and Sony as a chance to re-boot their platforms.

However, Industry Gamers reports that a survey by OTX’s GamePlan Insights claims that just eight per cent of Xbox 360 owners currently plan to purchase Natal. PS3 owners intending to buy Move number just six per cent.

Additionally, only 15 per cent of those asked had heard of either technology.

In other findings, the average age of those saying they will buy Move stands at 28. For Natal it’s 25. 30 per cent of those interested in Move are female compared to only 20 per cent of Natal’s potential customer base.

Natal intenders match very closely to the stereotypical Xbox 360 gamer, with four out of five saying that they like playing Shooter games a lot,” the OTX report stated.

PlayStation Move intenders have a slightly more balanced preference of genres, with Action, RPG, and Shooter ranking closely as the top three genres.”

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