Swiss football team FC St. Gallen sign FIFA player

FC St. Gallen, the oldest football team in Sweden, has signed a FIFA player to enter the world of eSports. 

Sandro “Neysk11L” Poschinger is the player they have gone all in on, and will now play for the club. He will represent them in tournaments and will most likely be competing in all the new FIFA leagues that are popping up. 

Interestingly this makes FC St. Gallen the first Swiss team to officially sign an eSports player despite rivals FC Luzern announcing its plans to enter eSports a while back. 

“Esports’ development is impressive and moves ahead rapidly,” Said Pascal Kesseli, CEO at FC St. Gallen Event AG and Head of eSports. “Until recently, it was still uncharted territory for us but after we had talks with eSportsReputation [German eSports agency] in the last couple of weeks, we are highly convinced of the potential. We are even more happy to take the lead in Swiss esports.”

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