Switch dock increases console performance, report claims

The Nintendo Switch will offer increased gaming performance when docked at home compared to when it is being played portably.

That’s according to Let’s Play Video Games, which cites a source working on Nintendo’s upcoming Switch hands-on demonstrations for journalists scheduled for January.

Apparently the dock itself does not add any computational power to the console, but it does allow it to operate at a higher clock speed, with the innards cooled by an additional fan found in the housing.

It has been designed like this to help Switch better achieve 1080p resolutions when hooked up to a TV.

Furthermore, both video and power will transfer over USB C – corroborating leaked accessories stills yesterday that pointed to USB C connectivity. It is also claimed that additional docks will be made available to buy at a later date so users can have more than one home for their system.

It has previously been speculated that some sort of performance boost would be needed when docked for the Switch to reliably pump out 1080p visuals. When on the move it believed that the console employs a 720p screen.

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