Switzerland pursues violent games ban

With violent games currently causing a stir in Australia, closer to home it has emerged that Switzerland is now considering banning violent video games outright in the territory.

A resolution restricting the sale of mature games to minors has already been passed unopposed, according to Gamesmarkt, and will be now be presented in parliament.

It illegalises the purchase of any game not carrying a PEGI age rating and requires stricter rules on the requirements of ID, although both of these measures had previously been voluntarily introduced by retailers late last year.

However, more worrying is a second resolution that was passed – albeit with a split vote of nine-to-three – that could lead to an outright ban of violent and adult titles in the country.

The Swiss Law Commission is currently inviting input on the issue from retail and industry bodies before this also heads to government.

95 per cent of Swiss games retailers are in favour of a form of self-regulation and voluntary restrictions – but as has been seen elsewhere, it is expected that some will campaign for an outright ban.

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