Syndicate reboot tipped for Kickstarter

Ever heard of 5Lives Studios? No, us neither. But come next month that will very likely have changed.

A video posted online by the studio very much seems to suggest that a Syndicate reboot (or more likely a ‘spiritual successor’) is heading to Kickstarter this month.

Rock Paper Shotgun speculates that the former Bullfrog developer pictured in the short is Mike Diskett. He was one of the original creators of the Syndicate franchise but is also credited on titles such as Grand Theft Auto IV, Theme Park and Urban Chaos.

Syndicate, of course, was the recipient of a surprisingly decent FPS release from EA last year. But we all know that isn’t the release that fans of the game are waiting for.

Gamers are encouraged to keep their eyes on the game’s official site. You can also visit the developer’s website, although there’s little in the way of information there.

Here’s the video:

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