System 3 prices PSN-only Ferrari title

Publisher System 3 has confirmed that it’s daring digital release Ferrari The Race Experience will be released on PSN on September 29th – and will cost far less than you might have expected.

The game will cost just 11.99/€14.99. Furthermore, existing owners of System 3’s Ferrari Challenge can get the game for just 9.99/€12.99 if they apply for a redemption code.

We have spent over 18 months readying ourselves for a dramatic shift from physical games distribution to a streamlined business model and now we’re set to go with Ferrari The Race Experience with this, the world’s first premium triple-A digital download game for PS3,” System 3 CEO Mark Cale stated.

One of the advantages of digital downloading is that we can remove the manufacturing costs of a physical product and thus enable us to offer this amazingly enhanced new game offering hours of enjoyment for under 12.”

In August Cale outlined the reasons for this digital gamble.

We needed to try our new digital solution with a big title to see if it would work or not, so why not Ferrari?” he told MCV. Downloads are not going to sell as many units as a retail copy at present, but I think that’s changing and we need to lead the way.

If this strategy doesn’t work with a title like Ferrari, at least we’ll have given it a go. But I think the world will be surprised as to how promising this opportunity really is.”

The game’s official website can be found at

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