T-Mobile CEO tweets about his love for the Samsung Note 3… from his iPhone

In a delightful corporate faux pas, the CEO of T-Mobile has been caught seemingly ‘exaggerating’ his love for Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 3.

John Legere took to Twitter to explain that he was "Glad @SamsungMobile decided to bring phablets to the states. I don’t know what I’d do without my #Note3!".

The problem was, as Apple Insider points out, the tweet was made from an iPhone.

The exec went on to tweet a photo of his iPhone and Note 3 together claiming that he uses both devices. But by that stage the damage was already done.

Plus, the fact that the Note 3 was locked, was being charged, still has the generic carrier image and has clearly not been personalised one bit – in stark contrast to the iPhone sitting next to it – did little to make the hashtag-carrying clearly promo-tweet claiming that he couldn’t do without” the phablet any the more convincing.

That’s not to say the Note 3 isn’t a tasty bit of kit, of course. It arrived in the UK late last month, complete with its flashy 5.7-inch OLED screen.

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