Take-Two more than just GTA

One person says Take-Two”, the other person thinks Grand Theft Auto”. Such is the price you pay for success, but speaking in an exclusive interview with MCV, CEO Ben Feder has insisted that there’s far more to the publisher than just Rockstar’s world-conquering franchise.

We’re very proud of Grand Theft Auto,” he told MCV. The franchise is second to none and we’re very fortunate to have it.

While we’re often seen as the ‘GTA company’, the truth is that most big publishers have one or two flagship franchises that drive a meaningful portion of their revenue. We actually believe that relative to the rest of the industry we have great depth in the quality of our IP.

We have 15 owned franchises in addition to GTA that have each sold over a million units. Every year we’ve launched new IP that we can develop into a franchise. In 2006, it was Bully. 2007, BioShock. 2008, Carnival Games. Last year, it was Borderlands. This year, Rockstar will launch LA Noire. And in 2011, 2K plans to launch Spec Ops: The Line.”

To read MCV’s full interview with Ben Feder, click here.

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