Take-Two’s Private Division launches Kerbal Space Program onto PS4 and Xbox One

Take-Two’s new indie label has launched its first title – or rather relaunched it – with Steam smash hit Kerbal Space Program taking flight in an Enhanced Edition as it makes the move to PS4 and Xbox One as a digital release.

Unlike other titles on the new label’s slate, Squad’s Kerbal IP was acquired in full by Take-Two last May, setting the publisher up nicely for this console release. 

However, it may be some while before we see the next release from one of the label’s other ‘super indie’ developers, which based on the label’s launch trailer, appear to be working on some substantial titles for what are relatively small teams.

The original Kerbal Space Program has now clocked up two million owners, according to SteamSpy. With its combination of careful strategy and utter disaster, the game appealed to streamers, who could create insane spacecraft, which usually ended in glorious failure.

"We look forward to seeing the continued creativity from our console players as they … send their Kerbals into orbit, to the Mun, and beyond"

“We are happy to bring a new console experience to our passionate community that delivers the quality Kerbal Space Program experience that our players deserve,” said Nestor Gomez, Lead Producer at Squad. “We look forward to seeing the continued creativity from our console players as they get their hands on the Enhanced Edition and send their Kerbals into orbit, to the Mun, and beyond.”

It’s a strong first release, and we expect big things from the label in the future, though maybe not in the very near future.

Read our full interview with Michael Worosz, who heads up Private Division, where he discusses how indie ambitions now eclipse crowdfunding.

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