Talespin leaves dominant EnVyUs Overwatch team

Ronnie "Talespin" DuPree has left the Team EnVyUs Overwatch squad saying I wasn’t happy being on the team.”

Talespin has left the team with immediate effect, meaning the squad need to find a replacement fairly quickly in order to compete in their upcoming OGN Overwatch APEX match on Monday over in Korea.

The announcement from the EnVyUs organisation stated that Talespin left "to pursue opportunities outside of gaming." However Talespin himself then wrote a TwitLonger post explaining his decision to leave.

I will not be quitting Overwatch,” said Talespin. For now I’ll be streaming more often and seeing what opportunities arise while taking a small break since starting to grind the game over a year ago back in closed beta. I felt like the effort I put into the team wasn’t being matched by certain people. For example, it was very difficult staying motivated when you’re sitting there for hours going over maps and strategy and you realize you’ve been talking to yourself and maybe one or two others chiming in occasionally while everyone else is "listening".”

I absolutely did treat this as a job and, while you don’t need to like the people you work with, you need to feel like everyone is doing their part,” continued Talespin. To be honest, in their own way, I believe most of the team was doing what they considered to be their best way of improving and handling practice, but I guess I just had a different mindset of what that should be. So in the end I didn’t feel like I belonged and would be happier stepping down.”

The news comes as a surprise as EnVyUs are still considered to be one of the best teams in the world. While they have failed to win a major event, often falling in the later stages of competitions to European squads, they have consistently posted good results and over the summer months went on a massive win streak.

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