Tax breaks trend on Twitter

Bringing a bit of light relief to the heavy subject of tax, Chancellor Alistair Darling’s move to offer tax relief to some UK games developers has sparked interest amongst the Twitter-using public and become one of the morning’s most discussed subjects.

At the time of writing, #culturallybritishtaxbreakgames is the most used hashtag on the UK arm of the service and second in the UK trending topics list. It was first started this morning by recruitment agency SpecialMove.

Most users are adopting the tag for names of games that could be altered to make them more ‘culturally British‘.

Here’s MCV’s pick of the best:

Shin Megami Ten Benson & Hedges – @SilentHitoshura
Civilisation – @michael_french
Fairy Non-Bioshock – @TomMurphy00
Coronation Street Fighter – @dotcomment
Kettle Gear Solid – @docky
Tony Blair’s Pro Scapegoating – @james_batchelor
The Brittas Empire: Total War – @Clert
Bully: Gordon Brown Edition – @BenSimonds
Peggle Mitchell – @michael_french
Dad’s Army of Two – @stelshere
Heavier Rain – @mikechannel
Bronte’s Inferno – @stelshere
Metal Gear So Solid Crew – @michael_french
Pro Evolution Football – @james_batchelor
Command & Conkers – @johnnyminkley
Chavonetta – @rob_innit
50 Pence: Bulletproof – @spadgy_OTA
Medal of Doner – @stuartdredge
Zone of the Eastenders – @robfahey
Queue-Bert – @mrmoth
Cotswold of Warcraft – @shoinan

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