Team EnVyUs owner says staying in the NA LCS brings in as much money as winning three CS:GO Majors

Over the weekend Team EnVyUs managed to win their promotion tournament match to secure their spot in the North American LCS for the Summer Split. This prompted the team’s owner to mention how important that match was for them financially, and revealed that there is serious money involved. 

On Twitter EnVyUs owner Mike “hastr0” Rufail said that the economic impact of the LCS match was more than any other in eSports. 

“The internal economic impact of our promotion tournament match yesterday was huge indeed. So much more than any match in other esports,” said hastr0. “To put this into perspective, we could win 3 CSGO majors in a row and still not equal the gain (or mitigate potential loss) or our LCS spot.” 

Winning a CS:GO major would net EnVyUs $500,000, so that puts the value of their LCS spot around the $1.5 million mark. 

When a fan mentioned that the players have to “forfeit their lives” to play in the LCS hastr0 revealed how much his players are making. 

“When our players are all making above six figures a year, I wouldn’t call it forfeiting their lives,” said hastr0. 

It is interesting to see that all of the EnVyUs players are on over $100,000 a year, especially when they finished last in the NA LCS regular season. While player salaries are rarely reported in eSports, you can expect the big names at the top of the NA LCS to be earning a lot more than that. 

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