Team17 has ‘big expectations’ for roguelike Genesis Alpha One

Team17 has high hopes for its roguelike shooter title Genesis Alpha One when it launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One next year, the publisher has told MCV.

"It’s a unique blend of multiple genres with survival, crafting, base-building and FPS elements all rolled into one with an epic sci-fi setting with stunning visuals," Team17’s global brand manager Ade Lawton said.

"The German development team, Radiation Blue, are very experienced and talented ex-AAA developers who have an unwavering vision of what they are creating. Press and consumers are excited about it and rightly so – it’s amazing. We’re thrilled to be working with them on it and we have big expectations for it next year."

Indeed, Team17 sees the PC market as an "important market" for the game but Lawton adds that "console also offers huge potential, and we think console players are going to love it."

He continued: "Our business is multi-platform and with such a broad portfolio, including our own IP in Worms and The Escapists, we’re in a fortunate position to have a good spread of audience across all platforms. There’s very little overall between PC and the consoles for us, but it’s product-specific so some do better on one and vice versa for others."

A title’s success isn’t necessarily platform dependant, either, Lawton said: "Overall, Europe is a strong market for us across all platforms we distribute on (PC, console and mobile) but versus the UK, this can vary by platform, franchise and genre. The UK is particularly strong for The Escapists, for example, but we fully expect [our sci-fi city-building title] Aven Colony to be strong in Germany."

Lawton is also confident about the publisher’s upcoming Switch releases. "There’s a lot of love here at Team17 for the Switch – we’re huge fans of the hardware and it fits very nicely with lifestyles in terms of gaming these days. Its portability means that players can now take their favourite games with them wherever they go. It’s a simple premise that works brilliantly and it’s a great fit for many of Team17’s games.

"We’ve got a great relationship with Nintendo and it’s encouraging to see an indie catalogue flourishing on the Switch platform from the get-go. It’s had a strong hardware launch in all three regions, so we’re excited about what we can achieve on Switch in the coming months across the European, American and Japanese markets."

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