Team17 to publish Bad Yolk’s debut game, Main Assembly

Team17 has partnered with Swedish studio Bad Yolk Games to support development and publish the latter’s debut title, Main Assembly, which is set to arrive on Steam Early Access in spring 2020.

“We’ve been working on Main Assembly for the past two years, and as we rapidly approach its launch window we’re thrilled to sign with such a respected developer and publisher as Team17,” said Michael Paixao, CEO, Bad Yolk Games. “We know that there is growing anticipation for Main Assembly among the Steam community, they are eager to get tinkering with the deep crafting tools the game provides, and we cannot wait to see what they construct when Main Assembly arrives on PC in Q2 2020.”

“Although Main Assembly is Bad Yolk’s debut title, there’s little that its developers have to prove,” added Max Everingham, Head of Publishing, Team17. “Their track record of working on some of the biggest AAA brands in gaming underpins their skills and determination to produce an innovative and creative experience for expectant Main Assembly players. One of the core pillars of gaming is the creativity that some games give to their communities, and with Bad Yolk and Main Assembly I think we’ve found a studio and game that will take the imagination of its players to new heights.”

Former MachineGames developers Michael Paixao and Joel Jonsson set up new studio Bad Yolk in 2017, but it wasn’t announced until earlier this year. “With a focus on employee health and happiness”, the studio – based in Sweden – has a core team made up from Former Wolfenstein New Order, Doom, and New Colossus developers.

The studio says it has “a proven track record of teamwork, and puts a great deal of emphasis on providing a healthy and happy work environment for its team” and currently employs a number of senior triple-A developers “with a combined 90+ years of experience and over 14 triple-A titles shipped including Chronicles of Riddick, Eve Online, Gears of War, The Division, The Darkness and many others”. 

Bad Yolk is described by its founders as “a brand new, forward-thinking video game studio” that aims to attract “the best talent by offering a healthy and happy work-life balance, and thus, make the greatest, most creative and technically superior games possible”.

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