Techland’s first published game is inXile’s Torment: Tides of Numenera

Hot on the heels of announcing its global publishing plans, Techland has revealed the first fruits of the change – a deal to publish inXile Entertainment’s Torment: Tides of Numenera.

The game, due out on PC in Q1 2017, is the spiritual successor to PC hit Planescape: Torment, with developer Brian Fargo at the helm. It will be released both physically and digitally.

inXile is an amazing team of people, led by an industry veteran and one of the most renowned developer of all times, Brian Fargo,” Techland’s business development director Przemek Marmul told MCV. As a developer we’ve managed to build an amazing community around Dead Island, Dying Light etc and inXile did the same. So it’s all about understanding the players and being creative, as well as having all the necessary resources to deliver the game to the players.

We want to build on this and use this experience as a global publisher now. We published Dying Light in 144 territories and we believe we did a bloody good job, while Warner really helped as a distributor. That’s how we understood that we’re ready to help third party developers. We’re very excited and full of positive energy. I guess that a guy like Brian Fargo feels that and I’m sure that he has the same approach.”

Marmul also emphasised to MCV that Techland isn’t offering a pre-packaged publishing service, but is instead perfectly happy to tailor its skills to the particular needs of any partner. It’s willing to spend, too.

We have the skills and assets to offer our support when it comes to every aspect of the production process of the game, as well as pre and post-launch activity, including funding of course,” he added.

We do trade and consumer marketing, PR, social media campaigns, we’re going to present the games of our partner studios at the biggest and most relevant fairs and industry events, we offer legal support… If you sign with us, you’ll get a dedicated publishing team of people, thanks to whom Dying Light reached millions of players around the world.”

Techland’s very much still a developer, of course, although it has pledged that any game it publishes – and it hopes to publish two major multiplatform and four digital titles every year – will get just the same treatment as its own projects. It also wants those titles to be as diverse as possible.

We’re not closing ourselves in a certain genre or platform, we’re open for the pitches from all around the world, but to sign with us, you need to persuade us that your game will be perfectly crafted and fun to play,” Marmul stated.

We’re looking mostly for triple-A and almost triple-A titles for PC and consoles that would catch the interest of a midcore, hardcore player. Make us believe that you, as a developer, can deliver the highest quality title and respect the players and we’ll make sure that you’ll be a part of an exceptional portfolio, that’s our promise.”

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