Tecmo Koei sticks with Dynasty Warriors

Tecmo Koei has pledged not to forget its Dynasty Warriors series as the publisher seeks to move into new markets.

The firm has ambitious plans to increase its share in the global games market through the development of new IP. But the publisher is also intent on updating its classic franchises, which continues with the release of Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Based on the bestselling hack ‘n’ slash PSP title of the same name, the game is due to arrive on February 19th.

Tecmo Koei Europe is making tentative steps towards exploring new markets, but we realise that there is still a huge demand from our fans for a continuation of the Dynasty Warrior series,” TKE’s vice president of sales and marketing Will Curley told MCV.

We hope that Strikeforce will show gamers that the Dynasty Warriors series is evolving and encompassing new ideas, while retaining those core values our fans love.”

The console game will include a wealth of new features, which the firm will be promoting to veteran fans and newcomers alike.

Public reception to the Strikeforce game that came out on PSP was overwhelmingly positive, and I think reviewers genuinely saw something engaging in the series,” said Curley.

With the game now appearing on new formats we hope to see a continued upsurge of interest for the Dynasty Warriors series as Strikeforce is now centred around co-operative play.

We are confident that sales for Strikeforce will be strong, especially with the newly implemented online multiplayer functions.”

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce will benefit from a carefully targeted online and social media campaign.

Tecmo Koei will be communicating directly with fans through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as attending key consumer events such as Memorabillia and MCM Midlands Expo.

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