Tekken’s Harada slams Korean ratings board over leak

Long-term Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada has said that the South Korean games rating board is the worst”.

His anger came after assets relating to upcoming fighting game Tekken 7 appeared online, Kotaku reports. Harada was quick to blame the board for the security slip.

Before we export [a game], we have to submit the data to a review board that’s connected to the South Korea government,” he told a user on Twitter who had shared one of the images.

However, what actually happens is that every time even though it’s confidential information, the review board leaks info to the media. This ratings board is the worst.”

Kotaku added that the actual word used by Harada was ‘saitei’, which can also be translated as ‘the lowest’ or ‘disgusting’. The developer later deleted his tweet, although he claimed this was to avoid further proliferation of the image.

It should be noted that there isn’t actually any proof that the ratings board was the source of the leak, although the images do contain Korean subtitles and did first appear on a South Korean website.

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