Temple Run hits 100m downloads in first year

iOS and smartphone hit Temple Run has been downloaded over 100 million times since its release a year ago, developer Imangi has revealed.

It adds that 11 per cent of the UK population has acquired the game. This is alongside 13 per cent of people in the US, Australia, South Korea and Sweden as well as 12 per cent in Hong Kong and Israel and 20 per cent in Singapore.

A total of 10bn game sessions have been played, logging 54,000 years of gameplay between them.

The game launched as a 69p title on the iOS App Store in August 2011, although it went free-to-play a month and a half later. It hit 1m downloads in September ’11.

It arrived on Google Play at the end of March 2012 and an Amazon’s App Store at the end of May.

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