Testronic opens 3D lab

QA and localisation specialist Testronic has opened a 3D games testing studio.

The firm has secured 3D technology from Sony and Panasonic and is already working on what it claims is a ‘high-profile’ high-end game for a major client.

The new studio follows the launch of Testronic’s 3D Home Entertainment test lab in January 2010, which catered for 3D Blu-ray releases for major movies. The 3D games lab is based at the company’s Pinewood Studio in the UK.

The expansion into 3D games was a natural evolution as part of the Testronic Labs strategy to remain vanguard in new technologies and offer the ultimate suite of testing services across the entertainment spectrum,” said Testronic Labs’ head of marketing Lisa Ravenscroft.

With Panasonic and Sony TV equipment and a range of amplifiers from Sony, Pioneer and Onkyo all operating in Pinewood, Testronic Labs is primed to work on more of the current raft of 3D games titles in development across various platforms.

Games publishers who utilise the Testronic Labs 3D games testing facility can be confident that their title fully exploits the potential of the new technology – with a pedigree in Blu-ray and 3D film technology, nobody is better placed to don the active shutter glasses and put together the right QA services to bring your 3D game to market.”

Testronic Labs also says its staff in Pinewood and Poland are currently hard at work on upcoming titles for Kinect, and have even finished working on its first set of Move titles due this year.

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