TGS: PS3 Home delayed until 2008

Sony’s social networking platform for PlayStation3, Home, will not launch until spring next year, the company announced at Tokyo Games Show.


reports that SCE group CEO Kaz Hirai explained the situation in a group Q&A after his keynote speech. He said:

We want this to be a worldwide service… We want to make sure that we have a range of services which can be satisfactory to our users throughout the world… so we decided to delay the service’s launch date… Please be patient in this regard.”

The response didn’t mention whether or not the delay stemmed from technical development difficulties.

Hirai added that Home will provide for multiple business models including in-game ads, a virtual mall and other yet-to-be-announced ideas.

The more I think about it, I think there are a multitude of business chances that can be created not just for ourselves, but our business partners as well,” he commented.

Hirai confirmed that Sony is also working with non-games companies that the firm hopes will participate in Home.

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