Thank you, Andy! UK games execs share their thoughts on a man that helped shape an industry

Since 2004, Andy Payne has been leading the UK games industry at its trade body, UKIE.

After more than a decade in the role, he is stepping down as UKIE’s chairman.

Here members of the games industry –from investors to PRs, from publishing execs to members of the trade body itself – say their thanks and share their thoughts on a man who has helped shape the UK games industry.

Dr Jo Twist, UKIE

Andy, what you’ve achieved as UKIE’s Chair has been outstanding and can’t ever be over-estimated. Your passion for change and for disrupting things has been nothing but a force for good. You’ve been a mentor and an absolute role model. I’m full of praise and admiration for your commitment to all you do, and long may it continue. Hopefully, this is just the start.

Rob Cooper, Ubisoft

To sum up his contribution: for me, Andy is exceptional, outstanding, and very, very special. On behalf of Ubisoft and all the team, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Andy for all you have done for us.

Geoff Heath, Investor

Andy has done the most amazing job at UKIE. It wouldn’t be what it is today without him.

Dan Wood, UKIE

I just want to say a massive thank you for everything you’ve done for UKIE. It wouldn’t be anywhere near the place it is today without your input, and a big personal thanks from me for all your advice and support and I look forward to working on lots of projects with you in the years to come.

Dr Mick Donegan, SpecialEffect

You’ve been SpecialEffect’s mentor, champion, close friend and inspiration ever since the charity began back in 2008. On behalf of every single person we’ve helped since then, thank you for your unfailing faith in us, and thank you in particular for instilling in us the belief that nothing is impossible.

Tom Stone, TT Games

Thank you for the incredible job you’ve done over the last ten years. You and UKIE have moved our industry forward, and we at TT Games want to thank you for that. Particularly for your wonderful energy, your engaging personality, sense of humour and, crucially, big and generous heart. We thank you for everything you’ve done for us.

Stuart Dinsey, Curve Digital

You’ve led us well, you’ve inspired us all, you’ve changed us for the better, we’re going to miss you.

Jenny Richards-Stewart, Women in Games

I’m sure everybody in the industry really wants to thank you for the effort you’ve put in over the last 11 years – it’s been amazing.

Ian Livingstone

Andy has done an incredible job as Chair, way beyond the call of duty. He has worked tirelessly for over ten years guiding successive ELSPA/UKIE CEOs and their teams through sometimes tough times, helping to make UKIE the respected and successful organisation that it is today.

Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactive

Thanks for everything you’ve done for us as an industry and me as a Board member.

Caroline Miller, Indigo Pearl

Andy Payne is a one of a kind proper old school geezer who has single-handedly made it ok for straight men to wear purple. Up the Irons.

Spencer Crossley, Warner Bros

You can’t really explain in just a few lines what Andy has done for the industry. His list of achievements is considerable: re-galvanising the trade body, making UKIE a significant voice, through to the many successful initiatives which have established games as the most relevant and valuable sector in the entertainment marketplace.

Pete Stone, Konami

Wow, Andy – we’ve been dealing with each other for 30 years. Who would’ve thought the video games business could last that long? Thanks for making sure UKIE has remained relevant in these fast-changing times.

Roy Stackhouse, Activision

Andy’s passion and commitment to the games sector, and those who work within it, are second to none. During his tenure as Chair, he has ensured UKIE stays relevant, is representative of the whole diverse sector and a driving force for positive change in the UK. I wish him well and hope that he continues to have a huge impact on the industry going forward.

Andy Wood, Cubic Motion

Andy Payne UKIE Rap

Andy Payne;
Bright, British, Italian,
bob-sleigher, cyclist,
Delivers, dependable, dancer, don’t suffer fools,
Makes sense,
Dress sense(?),
Honesty, integrity, trustworthy,
Just Flight, Just Giver, Mastertronic, music lover.
Marathon runner, leader, hard-working man,
Own man, man’s man, our man, he’s your man, got a plan,
Batsman, bowler, complete all round good egg,
Persistent, professional, patriot, publisher, public schoolboy; scholarship receiver,
London-boy, collects weird toys,
Beaming lived-in-loveable-scar-faced-boat-race,
Sometimes known as P,
Outspoken, got an OBE,
Founded The Producers with me,
Andy made John Otway a hit single with me, the ‘second one’ (not ‘Really Free’). *See ‘The Two Andys’.
And he climbed the Himalayas with me.
Where we shaved off our hair.
He can sleep anywhere.
He keeps up with the news, once laughed at my shoes, can snore like a gnu
(we once shared a room) has
pretty strong views …and old-school tattoos.
Shows no fear, likes the odd beer,
Horse racer, mentor,
Great fun, special one,
Special Effect supporter.
Wears shorts, Loves sports,
UKIE, unique,
Kisses Kirsty, soulmate, best mate, my mate, your mate, everyone’s mate, never late, doesn’t wait, can’t delegate.
West Ham/England fan/
great man,
Loyal legend, broke the mould. Massive hole.

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