That Dragon, Cancer becomes an Ouya exclusive

Daring indie title That Dragon, Cancer has been confirmed as being an exclusive for Ouya.

Kotaku reports that the game, which tackles the sensitive subject of a family coping with the strains of childhood cancer, has committed itself exclusively to the Android platform after receiving investment from the company.

If you’ve followed the often turbulent launch of the OUYA, you may be wondering why we’re partnering with such an outspoken upstart,” an update on the game’s blog reads.

Well, the short answer is, they have the guts to make something they believe in, in an industry that is stacked against their success. They aren’t complaining about what the industry should be, instead, they’re making it in their image.

We needed a partner willing to take a chance on us, and who was able to see the interactive medium for what it is capable of and not just for its current market trends. The road has been rocky so far for OUYA. But we believe in what they’re trying to do, and we believe in the people doing it.

We believe there is a space for game experiences like ours alongside the space marine shooter and the next candy sorting game. The OUYA presents us with an opportunity to shape that space by bringing our game to a round table that equally values the scrappy upstart with the established publisher.

There’s a trailer for the game below:

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