That Peter Moore story

Last Friday (February 22nd), MCV published a Peter Moore exclusive under the headline ‘No Moore Mr Nice Guy’.

Frankly, we were pretty excited to be one of the first to get an in-depth Peter Moore interview in his role as president of EA Sports.

We conducted a full interview with Peter, following the announcement of a partnership with IMG, and this will appear in print and online on Friday February 29th.

But when a cut-down news story ‘taster’ was pulled out from the full interview last week, MCV was a little over-zealous.

A handful of quotes got separated from the real context in which they were made. Our headline and story appeared to give the impression that Peter had made a general swipe at Activision Blizzard – which wasn’t his intention.

We all know Peter’s too nice a guy for that kind of unprompted swiping.

What Peter had said was in response to a specific MCV question about this competitor and had not been offered by him without prompting.

MCV had specifically asked: Can EA Sports play a vital role in helping EA overtake Activision Blizzard at the top of the global publishing chart?”

Peter answered simply: Yes. This is an area that they really can’t compete with us in.” And who can argue with that?

Unfortunately, in the sub-editing of the news story this quote got taken out of context.

We apologise unreservedly for this mix up – and for those of you now intrigued by all this, be sure to check out the full exclusive MCV interview with Peter Moore in print and online this coming Friday.

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