The BBC is giving a Micro Bit computer to every British year seven child

11 and 12 year olds across the UK are to receive a pocket-sized codeable computer courtesy of the BBC.

The Micro Bit was teased back when the corporation’s Grand Theft Auto drama was announced in April. A million of the devices have been ordered with the aim of supplying one to every year seven child in the country this October.

The unit houses a surprising amount of tech including an accelerometer, magnetometer, Bluetooth and two programmable buttons. The five I/O rings will also allow it to be hooked up to a range of equipment. What has been lost during development is in the incorporated battery slot, however, meaning that an external AA power-pack will need to be used when on the move.

A web-based programming tool developed by Microsoft will help students and teachers to explore the many possibilities.

"The BBC Micro Bit is all about young people learning to express themselves digitally,” BBC Learning head Sinead Rocks said. "As the Micro Bit is able to connect to everything from mobile phones to plant pots and Raspberry Pis, this could be for the internet-of-things what the BBC Micro was to the British gaming industry."

Let’s just hope the BBC isn’t dismantled by the government before it has chance to roll out the plan.

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