The carry: The strange career of a League of Legends star

In the brief history of professional League of Legends, there might not be another European player who generated as much hype and excitement as Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson. When he debuted for Fnatic in 2014 – a proud eSports organization that predates League, and whose team won the first-ever LoL world title – it was supposed to the mark the start of a new era.

It had been a long time coming. Larsson’s arrival was unusual in western eSports: he was one of the first players to be identified as a superstar well before he came of age. Fnatic had signed-him as early as 2012, and effectively played the entire 2013 season with a substitute at Rekkles’ position. That’s how good he was: in an eSport where teams rarely plan beyond the next three months, Fnatic invested years in Larsson.

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