The changing face of games media

The constant state of evolution within the gaming press is precisely what makes it such an exciting area of the market to be involved with.

Looking back at the last few years, the changes in the media landscape have been swift and extraordinary. The social network explosion of Facebook and Twitter. The proliferation of video content. The rise and rise of online, mirrored by the long, inexorable decline of the once-dominant print sector and the lamentable demise of some of the most treasured brands.

Dan Griliopoulos has witnessed both sides of the divide, as a journalist for most of the noughties, and more recently as account manager at Bastion.

He notes that the disintegration” of print wasn’t simply a case of migrating advertising spend or people balking at the cover price, but changing attention spans.

People are less predisposed to reading thousand-word reviews these days,” he argues. They just want to know whether the game is good or bad.

Ten years ago it made sense that magazines were expensive because of the cover discs, but now we get all our demos online; and we get all our information for free, online and, in particular, from our friends.”

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