The Chuckle Brothers playing Hitman pretty much wins the internet

Deciding what marketing stunts to cover or not to cover can be somewhat difficult.

Ultimately, as a trade site, MCV’s in the business of drawing attention to the marketing activities of our community, the UK games business

But we also have to serve our readers. So bloke from some boy band we’ve not heard of wears a hat”, while possibly exciting for the PR agency and publisher involved, often doesn’t make the cut.

Sometimes, however, you know by the headline alone that you’re publishing the hell out of a story. Watch the Chuckle Brothers Take Down A Serbian Arms Dealer” is just such a headline.

Premier PR has earnt its commission today, without a doubt.

This stuff doesn’t even need editorialising. Look at it:

Io-Interactive and Realm Pictures recently invited a select group of people to become Agent 47’s handler as he goes on a mission to eliminate a Serbian arms dealer in a real life Hitman experience unlike anything created before. We picked two of the most dangerous men in the UK to take part: Paul and Barry Chuckle.”

PR gold.

From this point on words can only prevent you from getting on and watching the thing. So just do that.

Oh yeah and Hitman’s out today etc.:

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