The Conduit ‘will reverse Wii FPS fortunes

The creator of Sega’s The Conduit has claimed that the title will create a fillip in the success of FPS games on Wii.

The High Voltage-developed title takes players into a dark story in Washington D.C. after a vicious alien invasion has rocked the country.

The first person shooter garnered multiple awards at E3 last year, including three awards from IGN: Best Shooting Game (Wii), Best Graphics Technology (Wii) and Best Overall Wii Game.

High Voltage CEO Kerry J. Ganofsky told MCV: Only a few have tried to succeed with FPS games on Wii. Those that have just haven’t offered gamers the entire package. FPS gamers want it all. They want precise controls, a fun single-player experience, a varied multiplayer offering, and yes they want high quality graphics. We understand this because we want these things ourselves.”

Lead producer Eric Nofsinger added: The Conduit can absolutely change the FPS genre’s fortunes on Wii. We were very methodical with how we created this game. We set clear goals and didn’t stop iterating until we met those goals. Players can remap buttons, move HUD element placement, change run speeds, and so much more. This is something that only The Conduit offers and we hope that it becomes the standard in all games.”

The Conduit follows other ‘non-casual’ releases on Wii from Sega, including House Of The Dead Overkill and Madworld – but High Voltage does not believe the game is necessarily exclusively an ‘adult’ game.

"We don’t look at The Conduit as a mature game; we look at it as a gamer’s game,” added Nofsinger.

From the start, we set out to provide the kind of FPS experience that all FPS gamers dreamed of when the Wii was first announced.”

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