The Crew welcomes its five millionth player

Ubisoft’s racing outing The Crew continues to expand its audience, even well over a year after its release.

The game has now hit 5m registered players (which is not quite the same as sales). The publisher has said that everyone who logs in on May 28th will be handed 50,000 free credits.

In celebration, Ubisoft has pointed out that players have not yet unearthed all of the title’s secrets, with a roundup on the PlayStation Blog highlighting a few of the best discoveries thus far.

These include the in-game locations based on famous films such as the schoolhouse from The Birds and Kill Bill 2, and creatures such as Big Foot, a UFO, unicorns and Moby Dick.

Being a witness of our players’ discoveries and creations, I know for a fact that you have discovered a lot of what our big world has to offer… but not everything,” Ubisoft community developer Soufyane Brahimi said.

There are of course many more secrets to reveal in The Crew, but I wouldn’t want to spoil all the fun. So go out there, make this world yours, don’t forget to immortalise your findings with our Photo Mode and share it with the community. You know what they say: pic or it didn’t happen.”

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