The critics speak: The gaming press on 2013

This year MCV extended its survey to the games media, with 27 elite members of the press – including journalists from Future, Eurogamer, IGN and national papers.

It was a close-fought battle for Game of the?Year between GTA V and The Last of Us, with just two votes separating them. But it was Rockstar’s blockbuster that came out on top.

Though all three of the top games launched on PS3 or 360 only, it was 3DS that won platform of the year, driven by the quality games such as Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing and Zelda. PC games also performed well, presumably due to the quality of indie software.

When we asked for journalists to name their ‘moment’ of 2013, we received answers ranging from the next-gen console launches to the GTA V bonanza. But the moment that stood out most was Sony taking to the stage at E3 and blowing away Microsoft with its PR-winning press conference. One journalist wrote: Sony’s double sucker-punch of an open used game policy and cheaper PS4 price, will be talked about for years to come.”

When asked about the challenges that face games and what they would like to see in 2014, the replies included criticism over game prices and concerns over rising development costs. But the one thing they media wanted most was new IP. Which explains why the Top Three ‘most anticipated’ games of 2014 are all new brands.

You can check out what the gaming press though, in full, below.

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