The December issue of MCV/DEVELOP is online now! Inside: Zordix’s Christina Seelye, Raptor PR, Unity Gaming Services, Scorn, PGA 2K23 and more!

A new issue of MCV/DEVELOP will have arrived at homes and offices today, which means that we’ve also put the new issue up on the internet for anyone to read digitally as they settle in for the holiday season. 

In Issue #984 we’ve got a smorgasbord of varied and interesting delights from across the video games industry, including a chat between Richie Shoemaker and Christina Seelye, where the CEO of Zordix tells him all about her year leading the global gaming group.

After that you can check in with Vince Pavey, who had a conversation with Unity Gaming Services’ Jeff Collins about the importance of modularity and cross-platform features as the industry moves forward.

Richie also sat down with a panel of recruitment experts from around the industry in the UK and Europe to ask them about the state of job hunting in a world still recovering from and adapting to the effects of the pandemic, and other global crises. 

Elsewhere in our pages, Testronic’s Tudor Costea tells Richie about the differences between traditional customer service and player support, and what gaming companies can do better, while in The Raptor Factor, our eager editor paints a better picture of what Raptor PR founder Rana Rahman and his team are like.

In our The Art Of feature, Richie talks to Miroslav Micevic, operations director at Ebb Software, to find out how they went about realising Scorn’s nightmarish universe of odd forms and sombre tapestries.

Amiqus’ Liz Prince has sat down with Dom Shaw, the EDI coordinator at Ukie to ask him about their recent Access November initiative, what’s next for their #RaiseTheGame campaigns, and more.

This month’s When We Made feature sees Vince check in with Josh Muise, creative director for HB Studios and Alfie Brody, vice president of global marketing strategy for 2K Games, to hear about PGA 2K23 and the importance of both being authentic and listening to the fans.

As is Christmas tradition (and rest of the year tradition) you can also take a look at our usual pages on hires and moves, our spotlight pages on industry staffers, and the wisest of words in our The Final Boss feature. This month the boss is YRS TRULY founder and director MJ Widomska. 

We’ve also included GAME OVER 2022, a somewhat wry and sardonic recap of the events of the last twelve months. If you want to fondly (or not so fondly) look back at what a rollercoaster (née. trash fire) it has sometimes been, then that’ll be the feature for you.

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About Vince Pavey

Vince is a writer from the North-East of England who has worked on comics for The Beano and Doctor Who. He likes to play video games and eat good food. Sometimes he does both at the same time, but he probably shouldn’t.

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