The first Dark Souls has been offline on PC for a week

Dark Souls 3 may be the current love of the series’ dedicated community, but a problem with the original game has proved a source of frustration for some this week.

Kotaku reports that the PC version of Dark Souls (dubbed the Prepare to Die Edition), which was released a year after the console SKU after a successful fan petition, hasn’t had any online functionality since earlier this month. Although the game can be played offline, this does away with online PvP and co-op, as well as the writing and reading of messages that fellow players leave on the ground.

Neither Bandai Namco nor From Software have yet commented on the issue, although it has been acknowledged by a community manager who said that the developers have been made aware. But for the time being the game remains offline, and no-one seems to know why.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the RPG are said to be functioning as normal.

In December 2014 the PC version of Dark Souls ditched its unpopular Games for Windows integration and moved over to Steamworks.

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