The future arrives with Nissan’s "self-healing" iPhone case

Automotive firm Nissan has lifted the lid on the impossibly cool sounding Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case.

The accessory uses technology previously implanted in the company’s Muran, 370Z and X-Trail cars, as well as in the Infiniti range. It’s the first time the tech has been used in a non-automotive product.

The paint on the case is made from polyrotaxane, which chemically reacts to a break in the surface (i.e. a scratch) and slowly reforms into its original state.

Small scratches will self-heal in around a day while larger scratches can take up to a week.

At the moment a beta run of the case is being used by journalists but if it proves popular Nissan will consider a retail release.

We like to think laterally by taking the great innovations we’ve got from an automotive point of view, and looking at how they could be applied to improve everyday issues,” Nissan Europe’s overseas programme director of business development Bob Laishley said.

The Scratch Shield iPhone case is a great example of us taking a Nissan automotive technology that has had a huge impact for our customers, and then shifting the boundaries to apply it to another everyday product.”

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