The Guardian or The Daily Star? YouGov profiler explains the real difference between Xbox 360 and PS3 owners

The ongoing war of wills between PlayStation and Xbox owners is as embittered and entrenched as any documented conflict throughout the course of human history.

Well, that’s nonsense obviously, but a new profiling tool from market research firm YouGov has offered some bizarre data on the differences between typical PS3 and Xbox 360 owners.

For instance, here’s some info about a typical PS3 owner:

Politically they are centralist, they are male and aged between 25-39. They are most likely to own fish as a pet, shop at Asda, wear Adidas clothing and own a Ford car.

Their favourite movies include Aliens, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men: Days of Future past, From Dusk Til Dawn and The Empire Strikes Back. Preferred TV shows include Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Deep Space Nine while named bands include Foo Fighters, The Prodigy and Radiohead.

Jeremy Clarkson features amongst their favourite celebrities and their top websites include GameFAQs and Zavvi. Their most read paper is The Guardian.

They associate themselves with the terms the internet is my main source of information” and I sometimes splash out on products I don’t need” (no comment).

Xbox 360 owners, meanwhile, are broadly similar but differ in a number of key areas. They are far more left wing, they prefer cats to fish, they shop at Tesco, prefer Nissan cars and, get this, name The Daily Star as their favourite newspaper!

The favourite film list is completely different too – The Running Man, Transformers, Home Alone, Universal Soldier and Cube.

So what of Wii owners? They are more likely to be female and live in Yorkshire. Really. They drive Vauxhalls, like films such as Frozen, Monsters Inc and Toy Story 2 and say that spending time with my family is important to me”. They read The Sun and name The Voice and The IT Crowd as their favourite TV shows.

There’s loads of information to be found, including the bizarre suggestion that Official PlayStation Magazine readers are so right wing as to put the BNP to shame! Official Xbox Magazine readers, meanwhile, veer to the left.

We did look up MCV but we don’t feature in YouGov’s data. The closest we could find was McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes eaters. Who, incidentally, are left leaning, female aged 40-59, like darts and dogs and apparently have a specific interest in Celtic FC and ‘brick and stonelaying’. Yes, we did say brick and stonelaying. They also watch Ross Kemp On Gangs. Which probably pretty much sums up the MCV readership anyway.

UPDATE: Some extra bits we’ve sharing on Twitter:

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