The Hearthstone World Championship’s finalist roster is complete

The 16 players who will feature in the Hearthstone World Championship finals have now been decided.

Yesterday’s American regional finals in San Francisco saw Justin ‘JAB’ Black, Dylan ‘Hotform’ Mullins, Victor ‘Nias’ Shelstad and overall winner Ryan ‘Purple’ Murphy-Root (who won $10k in the process) claim the four available spots. Last year Purple coached James ‘Firebat’ Kostesich to the World Championship title.

Among the players who failed to reach the finals were Jeffrey ‘Trump’ Shih, who lost both of his America Finals matches.

Having the time to reflect now, I think clearing and hero powering has about a 95% chance of winning, the aggressive play has about a 80% chance,” he said on Reddit.

I misplayed and got punished for it. Hard to make the best play every turn, turns out this is one of those situations where the intermediate instinctual player will get correct more times than an overthinking player (though someone playing perfectly will of course take the correct ‘safe’ play)

Feels bad but I’ll fight on the next matches.”

The European contingent includes recognisable names such as Thijs ‘ThijsNL’ Molendijk, Adrian ‘Lifecoach’ Koy and Eugene ‘Neirea’ Shumilin.

The final take place at Blizzcon on November 7th. The winner will net a cool $100k.

Here’s the full list of finalists:


  • Ryan ‘Purple’ Murphy-Root (GamersOrigin)
  • Justin ‘JAB’ Black (Hearthlytics)
  • Dylan ‘Hotform’ Mullins (ROOT Gaming)
  • Victor ‘Nias’ Shelstad (None)


  • Sebastian ‘Ostkaka’ Engwell (Natus Vincere)
  • Eugene ‘Neirea’ Shumilin (Liquid)
  • Adrian ‘Lifecoach’ Koy (Gamers2)
  • Thijs ‘ThijsNL’ Molendijk (Gamers2)


  • Yu ‘NoTomorrow’ Jian (None)
  • Guo ‘Zihao’ Zihao (Team Celestial)
  • Hong ‘Zoro’ Yijie (Team Celestial)
  • ‘LoveCX’ (YOLO Miracle)


  • Hakjun ‘Kranich’ Baek
  • He ‘Pinpingho’ Guoping
  • Lan ‘Neilyo’ Tran
  • ‘Kno’

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