The highlights from today’s Nintendo Direct

The latest Nintendo Direct aired today and Mr Iwata was on hand to give fans the latest news on what the publisher has coming up for both 3DS and Wii U.

Among the games announced was a new Zelda game for the Wii U – tentatively called Hyrule Warriors – that combines the gameplay of the Dynasty Warriors with The Legend of Zelda. It is being developed by Tecmo Koei and is set to hit stores in 2014.

Also coming in 2014 is Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, which finally has a release date. The platformer will be coming out on February 21st. Mario Kart 8 is also coming to stores in Spring 2014, while Super Smash Bros gets new characters in Rosalina and Luma.

In other news, the Year of Luigi is continuing into 2014 with the release of Dr. Luigi which features a new twist on the Dr. Mario formula. This will come to the eShop in January 15th with a price of 13.49.

Also coming to the eShop is NES Remix. This downloadable title is made up of levels from 16 classic titles but with a twist – for example, the Excitebike level has players driving in the pitch black, and the Donkey Kong level has Link vying to take down the ape rather than Mario.

On the 3DS side of things the new Kirby game has been named. Kirby: Triple Deluxe will be coming out in spring 2014, and has a few extra bits including the Kirby Fighter mini-game.

There’s also a new Yoshi’s Island game – appropriately called Yoshi’s New Island – heading to stores in spring 2014. It is being developed by Takashi Kezuka who worked on the original SNES title.

The upcoming Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright title was also given a release date of March 20th.

Nintendo is also pushing the registration of 3DS consoles, or the linking of network IDs from Wii U consoles. To do this, it is offering the Game Boy Colour title Super Mario Bros Deluxe as a free download upon registration between December 10th and January 31st.

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