The iPhone 6 is Apple’s sturdiest smartphone yet

SquareTrade has subjected Apple’s new iPhone 6 to a range of stress tests and found that the device is Apple’s sturdiest ever handset.

In the video below the smartphone was subjected to a range of tests designed to mimic the hazards experienced in day-to-day life – including water resistance, the ‘slide test’, a drop test and gripability.

The iPhone 6 survived six 4-foot drops incurring just a few nicks and scratches in the process. It also survived a 10-second dip in a tub of water.

All in all the device scored 4/10 in the tests (in which a lower score is better) while the iPhone 6 Plus scored 5/10, losing marks for gripability and the drop test. Interestingly neither device suffered from a cracked screen when dropped.

Both smartphones have elsewhere fared well in reparability tests.

For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S5 previously scored 6.5/10 while the iPhone 5S scored 6/10.

A separate SquareTrade report has found that UK consumers have over the last two years spent an estimated 4.6bn on smartphone repairs – that’s around 78 per person and more than was spent by any other European country.

Here’s a video showing off some of the testing:

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