MCV 985 January 2023

The January issue of MCV/DEVELOP is online now! Inside: Bonsai Collective, DEVELOP/JOBS, Private Division, A Little to the Left and more!

The latest issue of MCV/DEVELOP has now arrived with our subscribers, which of course means that you can now read the entire thing online for free digitally as well.

In Issue #985, you’ll find an interesting assortment of games curios from around the world, including Vince Pavey’s discussion with Hollie Emery and Benni Hill from Bonsai Collective about founding the inclusive remote studio to work on Luna Abyss.

Elsewhere in the issue, Richie Shoemaker has sat down with Louise Andrew from Keywords d3t and Coconut Lizard to ask her about providing art services to some of the biggest games around. 

He’s also hosted a panel of marketing experts from around the video game industry in the UK and Europe to ask them about what that’s like as we head into 2023.

After that you can check in with Vince Pavey again, who’s talked with the heads of Private Division about its video game publishing work in the past, present and future, as well as its new Private Division Development Fund. 

Amiqus’ Liz Prince has brought us the highlights of the key advice and commentary from contributors to her column over the past 12 months.

Then in this month’s When We Made feature, Vince interviews Max Inferno artist, designer and company co-founder Annie Macmillan to find out the work that went into crafting cosy puzzle game A Little to the Left

We’ve also got our usual pages on hires and moves, our spotlights on people from around the world of video games, and the typical sage advice and insight only found in our The Final Boss feature. This month the boss is Philip Oliver, CEO of Panivox and the creator of RichCast. 

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About Vince Pavey

Vince is a writer from the North-East of England who has worked on comics for The Beano and Doctor Who. He likes to play video games and eat good food. Sometimes he does both at the same time, but he probably shouldn’t.

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