The Last of Us gets E3 gameplay reveal

The world got its first glimpse of gameplay from Naughty Dog’s latest game – The Last of Us, at Sony’s E3 press conference earlier today.

The demo for the PS3-exclusive survival-action title saw main characters Joel and Ellie make their way through a building occupied by hostile ‘hunters’. The gritty, tense and atmospheric gameplay demo saw a mix of gunplay and brutal hand-to-hand combat, with weapons and ammunition in limited supply, further emphasising the game’s survival gameplay.

The demonstration showcased how Ellie, whom the player does not control, assists Joel through combat segments, and also gave a brief glimpse of the game’s inventory system.

The Last of Us is set in an urban environment decimated by a modern plague, with the remaining survivors reduced to killing each other for food and supplies. Joel and Ellie must together stay alive and journey across what remains of the United States.

Sony hasn’t announced a release date for The Last of Us.

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