The latest Mighty No.9 trailer has upset people

Mighty No.9 has an established track record of upsetting its fan base, and today’s trailer for the game really hasn’t helped the cause.

‘Mighty No. 9’s Marketing Is Embarrassing To Everyone’ was Kotaku‘s assessment, while Polygon‘s went with the headline ‘Mighty No. 9’s new trailer is a ‘masterclass’ in Marketing 101 failures’.

So what’s the problem? Mainly the voice over, which the game’s target audience has taken a special exception to. Make the bad guys cry like an anime fan on prom night” seems to have caused the biggest stir, for some reason. Perhaps we won’t comment any further on that.

Creator Keiji Inafune in January announced a third delay for the Kickstarted platformer. The game’s previous recent delay came last September, prior to which questions had been asked regarding the developer’s sincerity about the timing of its delay announcements.

Inafune last month promised that the game will most definitely not miss its June 24th release date.

Here’s a taste of the YouTube reaction to the new trailer which, incidentally, currently has 10,446 dislikes and 1,302 likes.

And the trailer itself:

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