The man who fixed FIFA

Don’t call David Rutter the man who fixed FIFA. He doesn’t like it.

MCV found that out at EA’s Guildford office last month. I am just one small part of it,” he insists. We have a bunch of very clever people on the team.”

He certainly doesn’t look like someone who is in charge of Europe’s second biggest video game series. Wearing an old polo shirt and cargo shorts, he looks more like the journalists in the audience than the execs that heralded him on stage. His presentation style is more ‘chat down the pub’ than the usual diatribe of meaningless buzzwords.

Yet make no mistake, Rutter has had a big impact on FIFA. He took charge of the team for FIFA 09 – the game that began to turn the tables on Pro Evo in terms of quality. FIFA 10 completed the transformation, picking up multiple game of the year awards in the process. Incredibly, FIFA 11 was even better.

But Rutter says this process started long before he showed up – he’s just kept the ball rolling.

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