The story behind Ubisoft’s new open world action sports game Steep

The open world action game Ghost Recon: WIldlands is the title that inspired the new Steep project, Ubisoft tells MCV.

Steep is an action sports game that features paragliding, base jumping, skiing and snowboarding. It lets players traverse landscapes how it sees fit and compete in ‘100s of challenges’. It is also a game that is online, so other people will be in the world at the same time.

The man in charge of Ubisoft’s French development teams, Xavier Poix, told MCV that it all started after the firm was trialling Ghost Recon: WIldlands two years ago.

Wildlands features a number of moments where plays can traverse the landscape via various methods such as paragliding or motorcycle. This game is being developed by Ubisoft Paris, with support from its French neighbours: Ubisoft Annecy and Montpellier. Annecy in particular was inspired by the title. The studio’s location in South East France means it’s situated besides huge lakes and mountains, it is also a popular Ski area and the destination for many action sports industries.

Annecy pitched the project and began prototyping. It was a different sort of open world game to the action titles that Ubisoft had produced in the past. It was about careering down mountains together, and finding new ways to traverse the terrain, the firm said.

That alone wasn’t enough to convince Ubisoft’s commercial team, but the popularity of action sports on YouTube was. Annecy suggested a game that could be shareable via social networks, whether it is impressive jumps or horrific crashes. Ubisoft says that action sports on YouTube is huge, almost as big as video games.

Steep also lets players change the camera angles to improve the quality of the videos being made available online.

And that’s the story behind the new Steep IP.

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